MSc Program

Our MSc Program in Survey Statistics and Data Analytics, run by the Department of Statistics, is in the 10 most popular among the 110+ master programs of our university. Beside classic social research methods, the curriculum contains network analysis, text analytics, data mining methods, different statistical program packages and programming languages, that students need in scientific, business or public administration fields. At the moment, the program runs in Hungarian.


Members of our research group teach courses in general social research methods for almost all of our programs at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Below we listed the CSS-related ones.

Kmetty, Zoltán: Network analysis (Sociology MA)
Kmetty, Zoltán: Conceptual basis of social network thinking (Sociology BA)
Kmetty, Zoltán: Hálózatkutatási módszerek (Sociology BA)
Koltai, Júlia: Python (Survey Statistics and Data Analytics MSc)
Rakovics, Márton: R-programozás (Survey Statistics and Data Analytics MSc)

This course is an introduction to R programming, but the fundamentals are applicable to almost any other current functional, object oriented programming language. The goal for students is get familiar enough with R to be able to use it as a tool for all the statistical modelling and data analysis tasks in more advanced courses.

Rakovics, Márton: Adattudomány előadás és gyakorlat (Survey Statistics and Data Analytics MSc)
Simon Dávid, Katona Eszter: Adatvizualizáció és üzleti kommunikáció (Survey Statistics and Data Analytics MSc)


Courses under progress

Katona, Eszter; Koltai, Júlia; Németh, Renáta; Rakovics, Márton: Text analytics (Survey Statistics and Data Analytics MSc)

Katona Eszter, Simon Dávid: Adatvizualizáció (Sociology BA)