Lilla Békési – Holocaust denial and Holocaust-related distortions on the far-right portal

2021 Sociology BA Supervisor Ildikó Barna, PhD

Lilla Békési

In my thesis, I examined the phenomenon of Holocaust denial and Holocaust-related distortions in articles and comments published on the far-right portal For my thesis, I conducted a qualitative secondary analysis of the texts collected by Ildikó Barna and Árpád Knap, who used topic modelling to research antisemitism on said portal. Using the category system developed by Manfred Gerstenfeld, I sought to answer questions such as which types of Holocaust-related distortions appear on the portal and which are the most frequent. I also investigated whether antisemitic views related to Holocaust distortion are detectable and to what extent users of the portal try to obscure their views. I have also tried to give some insight into the extent to which articles and comments differ in content or wording.

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