Ildikó Barna and Márton Rakovics at the Addressing the Past – Shaping the Future: Memory Politics in Europe and Canada conference


Ildikó Barna and Márton Rakovics represented our research group at the Addressing the Past – Shaping the Future: Memory Politics in Europe and Canada conference, held at the University of Victoria, funded by the Jean Monnet Network European Memory Politics (EuMePo) and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Canada and the University of Victoria, Centre for Global Studies.
Márton Rakovics (researcher of RC2S2) presented in the graduate panel of the conference. The title of his presentation was: “Commies” left and right – Invoking communism as a political bludgeon in the last two decades of parliamentary speeches in Hungary.
Ildikó Barna (senior researcher of RC2S2) held a lecture in the second plenary session of the conference, titled Reinventing the Nation and Political Community: Memory Politics in Central Eastern European Societies. The title of her presentation was: The (mis)use of memory politics in Hungary.
The detailed program of the conference can be found here:

Our research team is expanding with two new members starting from september


Zsófia Rakovics was accepted to the Sociology Doctoral Programme of our faculty’s Doctoral School (her topic is Sociological study of language polarization – Online political communication in neopopulism, advisors are Domonkos Sik and Renáta Németh), and Tímea Emese Tóth will be the scholarship student of the Interdisciplinary Social Research Doctoral Programme (her topic is Analysing sustainability in the triad of political publicity, online media platforms and the lay public, her advisor is János Balázs Kocsis environmental sociologist, Habilitated Associate Professor at Corvinus University). Zsófi and Mesi graduated from our faculty’s Survey Statistics master’s programme and will join in our OTKA research which started this year. Everyone is looking forward to working together, we wish you success!