ELTE-TINLAB workshop

2022.06.27. Presentation Discursive framing of depression in online health communities

On 22nd June our ELTE-TINLAB research team hosted a workshop titled ‘Online lay depression discourses – research summary and recommendations by the ELTE-TINLAB depression forum research team’, inviting professionals involved in health care and e-mental health.

Our research last semester was based on two questions: How are the online depression forum discourses affected by the covid? And, from a sociological perspective, how do these forums serve as agents of socialization?

The members of the ELTE-TINLAB depression forum research team:

Principal investigator: Domonkos Sik

Senior researcher: Renáta Németh

Researchers: Jakab Buda, Márton Rakovics, Bendegúz Zaboretzky, Eszter Katona

Clinical consultant: Máté Kapitány-Föveny

Our project is supported by the Social Innovation National Laboratory (TINLAB), NKFIH-875-4/2020