International Network Researching the European Memory Politics


The RC2S2 (Research Center for Computational Social Science founded by the Institute of Empirical Studies of ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences) contributes to international research cooperation titled “European Memory Politics – Populism, Nationalism and the Challenges to a European Memory Culture (EuMePo) led by the Canadian University of Victoria (UVic). Other partners are the Université de Strasbourg and the Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań).

„Jean Monnet Networks foster the creation and development of consortia of international players (Higher Education Institutions, Centres of Excellence, departments, teams, individual experts, etc.) in the area of European Union studies in order to gather information, exchange practices, build knowledge and promote the European integration process across the world.” (

About the project: “This network will establish a transnational team of scholars studying the politics of memory, its use in the mobilizing efforts of populist-nationalist parties across the continent and the tension to an emerging transnational memory culture in the EU. Considering the contested interpretation of the past and its constitutive role for contemporary political life in the EU, the Network’s key objectives are the following: create a long-term transnational network of scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds; produce innovative and impactful scholarly research within this network; support first-hand learning experiences for undergraduate, doctoral students and early-stage career scholars in Canada and Europe; engage in high-impact public outreach working with non-academic partners (media, museums, high schools, teachers’ associations, online platforms), and produce a series of knowledge tools in the broader field of memory politics that will have a lasting informative and educational effect in the wider public.”