Renáta Németh’s book “The sociological possibilities of automated text processing” has been published and is available as e-learning material

2024.04.03. Publication Data Science in Social Research

The book “The Sociological Possibilities of Automated Text Processing” by Renáta Németh is published and available as an e-learning material by Savaria University Press. The book presents the increasingly popular “text as data” approach of recent years, allowing insight into the sociological applications of natural language processing through research conducted in our research group since 2018. The uniqueness of the book lies in the fact that, although there are excellent resources available to explain the technical aspects of NLP, the experiences and challenges in social research are less frequently discussed. The problems discussed in the book are embedded in a century-old research paradigm, and the issues raised are thus substantially different from those of computer science or industrial applications.

The book is available here (in Hungarian).

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