Ildikó Barna gave a presentation at the ISA World Congress of Sociology in Melbourne

2023.06.30. Presentation The layers of political public sphere in Hungary (2001–2020)

Ildikó Barna gave az online presentation at the ISA (International Sociological Association) World Congress organised in Melbourne between 25th June – 1st July, 2023. The title of the presentation is Examining the Different Political Sides’ Memorialization of Using Tools of Natural Language Processing and Narrative Psychology, the authors were Ildikó Barna (ELTE TáTK RC2S2), Renáta Németh (ELTE TáTK RC2S2), Tibor Pólya (ELKH TTK, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Narrative and Historical Psychology Research Group) and Réka Berbekár (ELTE TáTK).

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