Árpád Knap

Árpád Knap is a survey statistician who started his PhD in September 2018 at Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Social Sciences. His supervisor is Ildikó Barna, PhD. Mr Knap has been working at the Department of Social Research Methodology on several projects with Ildikó Barna in the past three years. Throughout these projects he has gained valuable experience in quantitative research methodology, survey design (both online and offline), data analysis and visualization, as well as writing research papers. He wrote his MSc thesis using automatized internet-based data collection techniques, which required – among other skills – knowledge in programming and interactive data visualization packages. Mr Knap has taught several courses at ELTE in the past years, including Python Programming and Quantitative Data Analysis. His PhD research topic is about the use of “big data” in the social sciences, with the methodological focus being on Natural Language Processing for dealing with large amounts of poorly structured textual data. His current research is especially focused on online hate speech.