Kmetty, Zoltán – Koltai, Júlia: Understanding Cultural Choices with NLP (2019). Presentation at the Data Science Meetup Budapest, May 9, 2019.

2019.05.09. Presentation Data Science in Social Research

Parallel with the rise of digital textual data, natural language processing methods developed rapidly in the last decade. In our presentation, we will focus on artificial neural network based word embedding methods, which became widespread in recent years. Different fields apply these methods, such as linguists for dictionary building; developers for music video recommendations systems; companies for the analysis of product reviews, etc. However, their application in the understanding of human behaviour and culture was limited so far, though the huge amount of available digital data (text) provide a lot of information about our preferences, choices and the way we think. We will show several examples of the utilization of word embedding methods in this field. The presentation also provides details about the methodology, the problems to be solved and the directions of further development.